Smartkidz Preschool

At Smartkidz preschool we follow the play-way method of teaching and learning through which children are constantly exploring and discovering. Each child is unique and process information about the world using different senses. Some are visual and some are auditory learners.Inspired by global methodologies, the academic team has developed a curriculum that is best suited for our Indian environment.

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Our Facilities

Researchers suggest that a child from 2 to 5 years acquires almost 50% of the knowledge of life i.e. they have tremendous grasping capacity. Accordingly we have designed various concept rooms like Mind room, Ball room, Activity room, Classroom, Dining room, Sand pit, Splash pool, Indoor& Outdoor play area to develop the different skills. These activities enhance the development of the language skills, logical skills, analytical skills and various other skills which lead to the scientific development of the child.

Activity Room
72 + activities which are classroom based
Ball Room
The ball room is bedded on the floor and padded on the sides. It is filled with balls with different colour's.
Education through cultural, ethical and moral values.
Class Room
Formal place of learning.
Mind Room
A picture is worth a thousand words.
Play Area
Equipments like trampoline, slide, cycle, swing, merry-go-round, see-saw etc.. are provided.
Sand Pit
A small place in the outdoor play area filled with finely sieved sand.
Splash Pool
Miniature of swimming pool - The water is filled up to the knee-deep level only.