Each child is unique and process information about the world using different senses. Some are visual and some are auditory learners. At Smartkidz preschool we follow the play-way method of teaching and learning through which children are constantly exploring and discovering. Being inspired by Waldorf and Montessori Methodology we have designed our Course Curriculum and Syllabus which caters to the holistic development of the child. Learning while playing is a unique method of teaching. Here the energy levels of the child are properly channelized so as to get the best out of them by developing their thinking process.

The activities of Children are broadly divided into four areas:
  • Exercises of Practical Life (among other things, it leads to the refinement of motor co-ordination, lengthen the span of concentration, instils good working habits)
  • Sensorial activities (children learn about all that can be experienced through their senses- colours, shapes, dimensions, weights, tastes, smells etc)
  • Language – LSRW - (based on the phonetic method, the language program begins with the development of the spoken language and eventually the children learn writing and reading skills)
  • Arithmetic (helps in understanding the concept of counting and the basic operations. This is initially through activities with materials and eventually with only writing materials)


The curriculum designed is based on inspirations developed from Waldorf and Montessori Methodologies. With this vital support child grows to feel confident and secured, empowered with the positive traits, their high self-esteem becomes an important pre-requisite for effective learning.

The Montessori approach

The Montessori approach promotes children’s active, independent observation and exploration of concrete materials to develop concepts/skills. Through this activity children develop a clear image of what they were trying to accomplish, thus developing self-discipline, self-reliance, and intrinsic motivation.

Waldorf method

The Waldorf method encourages a broad curriculum. Teachers are encouraged to explore new topics and allow them to be guided by the exploration of the students. This type of teaching encourages learning for the sake of learning, instead of for the sake of passing an exam or scoring well on grading rubrics. There are no grades given in a Waldorf elementary school.


Smart Play

1 1/2 Year - 2 1/2 Year

Smart Nursery

2 1/2 Year - 3 1/2 Year

Smart Junior

3 1/2 Year - 4 1/2 Year

Smart Senior

4 1/2 Year - 5 1/2 Year
Frequently Asked Questions

Why Smartkidz?

Smartkidz preschool ensures that children learn effectively and efficiently as possible in a caring and friendly environment. Here children are very well equipped to meet challenges ahead.

What is the procedure for enrolment to Smartkidz preschool?

Admission is based on first come first enrolment basis. Reach your nearest smartkidz, complete the necessary admission formalities and admit your child.

What is the Child to teacher ratio in Smartkidz preschool?

The child to Teacher ratio normally is 18:1

What are the timings of the school?

Smart Play & Smart Nursery is from 09:30 am to 12:30 pm 5 days a week.

Smart Junior & Smart senior is from 09.30am to 02.00pm 5 days a week.