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What curriculum do you offer?

Our smartkidz preschool curriculum takes the best practices from Waldorf Steiner, and Montessori teaching. These foster creativity, imaginative potential, social aptitude, motor skills and a wider emotional range in young people. Children can, therefore, chase their interests down any route they choose.

Are the Teachers and Staff trained?

Smartkidz has trained and experienced teachers who enjoy playing with children and are committed towards the growth and overall development of their pupils.

What are the timings of the school?

Smart Play & Smart Nursery is from 09:30 am to 12:30 pm 5 days a week.
Smart Junior & Smart senior is from 09.30am to 02.00pm 5 days a week.

How does Smartkidz prepare children for the formal school?

The children are trained and lots of practice is given through series of Mock-Interactive Session conducted from time to time. This develops confidence in them.

Do you run summer camps?

Yes, we conduct summer camps during holiday periods. Check with your nearest smartkidz preschool.

Examinations are held for which all classes? Is marking done and ranks given?

Examinations are held thrice in a session I term, II term & Final term (Nursery onwards) No exams are held for Playgroup, Report Card is given on class performance. Marking is not done and ranks are not given. The question papers will be sent from Smartkidz preschool Head office.


Why Smartkidz?

Smartkidz preschool ensures that children learn effectively and efficiently as possible in a caring and friendly environment. Here children are very well equipped to meet challenges ahead.

Can my child join in the middle of a term?

Yes, we accept children all year round to our programs if we have availability. Please check with your nearest smartkidz preschool directly.

Is it necessary to secure admissions in advance?

Yes, since we limit our batch sizes. Smartkidz Pre-School opens registration for the new academic session by January every year.

What is the procedure for enrolment to Smartkidz Preschool?

Admission is based on first come first enrolment basis. Reach your nearest smartkidz, complete the necessary admission formalities and admit your child.

What are the documents required for admission into smartkidz preschool?

Our requirements for admission into smartkidz preschool are :
  • Duly filled in admission form
  • 3 passport size photographs
  • Photo copy of birth certificate
  • Photo copy of child’s aadhar card

Is the fee structure same in all the smartkidz branches?

The Fee Structure is standardized as per branches. There are no other charges during the year other than those prescribed at the time of admission.

What is the Child to teacher ratio in smartkidz preschool?

The child to Teacher ratio normally is 18:1


How much will be the investment to start a smartkidz preschool?

The investment varies from area to area. Generally there would be the investment of 6 to 10 lakhs.

What is the Agreement Period? Is it yearly?

No, Agreement tenure will be 5 years and should be renewed for every 5 years.

What is the Fee Structure? Can we fix our own?

You cannot fix your own Fee Structure. Fee structure will be designed by Academic team after getting the survey report from the particular centre.

What kind of marketing will be done from the smartkidz ?

We do digital marketing / social media from our side .


Why you have to take a SMARTKiDZ Franchisee?

By becoming a SMARTKiDZ franchisee partner it will allow you to pursue your dreams achieve financial independence and lead extremely happy and you rewarding proposition in life. This not only makes you confident in your chair but also gives you the satisfaction of being in this most prestigious service industry i.e., education.

How about transportation facilities in Smartkidz Preschool?

The smartkidz Preschools have liaison with reliable transporters. A van facility is available but for specific locations. You need to check the availability of this service at respective smartkidz preschool.

How about kids transfer facility within Smartkidz?

The kids transfer facility within our network is offered in all our smartkidz Preschools for the benefit of parents having transferable jobs.

How do you handle if children are sick or need medication during school hours ?

In smartkidz preschool as a matter of practice we advise parents not to send sick children to the school. If a child gets sick during the school hours we immediately inform the parent. In case of emergency we give medical treatment is same has been approved by the parents at the time of admission in the admission form.

Is School Uniform compulsory in smartkidz preschool?

The specially designed colourful uniform is recommended so that a sense of uniformity is attained.

Is the emphasis given to English conversation with the Kids?

 In the beginning the child is made comfortable in the school by making use of both the languages ( regional language & English) to express himself. Gradually the child is conditioned to English commands, which is the requirement of the time.

What is your payment policy and withdrawal policy?

Parents receives a list of terms and conditions on our enrolment form; that’s where you’ll find specific payment or withdrawal rules. Check with the respective smartkidz preschool centre head / principal.

Does my child have to be potty trained?

Yes, the child needs to be potty trained.

Should the smartkidz teacher be B.Ed or Montessori Trained?

No, not necessary, the teacher training provided by the smartkidz Corporate Office is more than enough.